The flandre scarlet ring is modelled after Flandre Scarlet from the Touhou Project, who has twisted hands and colourful crystal wings. The vibrant crystal wings on Flandre’s back can be restored by adding drops of oil in various hues. The entire surface is coated in a striking black that contrasts with the vibrant colours. The age of a vampire is over 495 years for Flandre Scarle. Her most striking feature is the crystal wings that hang from her back.

About The Ring

Excellent standard 925 silver is strong and durable and can be worn for a very long period. In general, the hardest metal to vulcanize is silver with a purity of 92.5%. (not easily blackened). The creator’s effort is assured! To ensure meticulous attention to detail, craftspeople hand-polish each one.

The ring’s size can be changed at will. Information about the item: the size of a ring (57-62mm) Weight(2.81g) Craft: drop oil and black plating. Please correct the small inaccuracy in the kind of Ring, sterling silver inspection certificate, wiping, and worldwide sterling 925 silver material.

The item comes in a lovely package that allows for the addition of greeting cards or birthday wishes. If you require it, kindly reach out to the merchant.

Story Of Scarlet

The bonus boss in the sixth instalment of the Touhou Project series, Touhou Project: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, is Flandre Scarlet, the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet and the “dirty little secret” of Scarlet Devil Mansion.

She resides in the mansion’s basement because of her volatile personality and powerful destructive abilities. She is incredibly strong and immune to holy items, and her sister has given her strict instructions to stay inside the mansion for the next nearly 500 years. She rarely ventures outside the mansion, so she has little knowledge of the outside world. Until the heroines of Touhou Project: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil arrived, she had no significant interactions with other people besides Sakuya Izayoi.


Flandre is a short, blonde woman with red or green eyes and one long ponytail on her extreme left side. She has a pink top underneath her vest and shirt and is wearing a pink cap with a shiny red ribbon around it as well. Her wings have an iron and prism-shard appearance. She has a matching metal wand on her person, which is presumably the legendary Laevateinn. Eight crystals are displayed on her back to the tips of her wings in the following order: Blue, Light Green, Light Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Light Blue once again. The greater length of hair than Remilia.


The flandre scarlet ring user is calm and pleasant, yet a little crazy (her official profile describes her as “kind of nuts”). Because of this and her great strength, the people who live in the mansion usually confine her inside. Despite this, she often plays along and doesn’t try to force her way out even though she surely could give her strength. She is most likely a shut-in of her own free will as a result. She is believed to have great regard for her older sister.